What is MentorNet?

MentorNet is a unique program aimed at connecting Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) interested in global health with experts in the field. Mentors and SYPs are free to establish a program that suits them best and their program liaison will facilitate the experience. On average SYP-Mentor pairs meet monthly through Skype or in person, using the educational modules provided by their program liaison as a starting-off point or navigating their mentorship relationship on their own, the program is very flexible! We as committee members deem a successful mentorship experience as one that benefits both the Mentor and the SYP through exploring new material, obtaining a new point of view on a topic, and by giving/receiving career and life advice in global health. Many of our SYPs have benefitted in tangible ways from their mentorship experiences by co-authoring papers with their mentors, working for their mentors, or being introduced to new opportunities and networks through their mentors and many of our mentors have returned year after year, loving the unique view into global health they receive from someone just starting out in the field.

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How does MentorNet work?

Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) will be paired with a global health Mentor in their interested sub-area of global health. The pair will maintain correspondence either in person, over the phone or by email, as often as they have decided feasible. To help stimulate conversation and discussion of global health issues, monthly modules will be sent from your program liaison (MentorNet steering committee member). The pairs will have indicated which topics they would like to cover in these modules and the material can include anything from news stories, academic articles, online modules, etc. The expected time commitment is 1-2 hours per month for a period of a year and the 2015 program will run from January until August 2015.


*To hear about the program from our alumni, click on Testimonials!




Why should I sign up?

Benefits to Students and Young Professionals (SYPs):
  • Opportunity to create relationships with leading professionals in area of interestce753f8d2e45f08cf8f4b380a819e72b
  • Be guided through global health by a seasoned professional
  • Chance to discuss career aspirations
  • Opportunity to enhance understanding of current global health issues


Benefits to Mentors:
  • Opportunity to gain new insight on the global health field from a fresh new perspective
  • Opportunity to discuss current global health challenges with eager young minds
  • Chance to support and share your passions with the next cohort of global health leaders

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