How MentorNet fast-tracked my global health career

Pamela and Katia

I joined the CSIH MentorNet Program as a SYP in 2011-2012 with Pamela Thompson as my mentor. At the time, I was completing my Master of Science in Global Health at McMaster University. Pamela’s background in nursing and expertise in strategic planning and global health issues proved her to be an invaluable mentor. She not only provided insight on global health topics, but also during my academic studies on various topics related to global health programming, project planning and evaluation. Pamela also has extensive experience in career coaching and I benefitted from her in terms of career searching and validation. I continued my interests in global health by serving on the MentorNet Steering Committee and now as outgoing Co-Director. I have recently joined as a consultant in the Human Resources for Health Project in Bangladesh where I am training nurses in clinical supervision of nursing students, with the overarching goal of addressing maternal-child health issues in Bangladesh ( I have no doubt that my experiences with CSIH MentorNet has taken me to a global health career of my own, and am certainly grateful to have been part of such an enriching experience.

– Katia Wong, former SYP and current Co-Director

Reflections on Mentorship


As a SYP participating in the MentorNet program while completing the Master of Science in Global Health at McMaster University, I found my mentorship experience to be an invaluable complement to my graduate education. While important for everyone, I believe critical reflection and continuous personal development are especially significant for those working in international health, and that mentorship is an ideal way to cultivate these skills among students and professionals of all ages and experience levels. My participation in the MentorNet program has allowed me to pursue my interest in health at the global level in a way that couples learning with reflection and personal development.

– Amanda, former SYP

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Words from a former SYP – Tommaso D’Ovidio


MentorNet was one of the most formative experiences of my career to date. What the program fosters is critical reflection. When I started, my career path was a little unclear. I had a general idea of where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to get there. The MentorNet modules stimulated discussion about goal setting and different global health areas of interest. My mentor enriched our chats with first-hand experiences in a variety of global health roles. We discussed program management in Pakistan, refugee health, and health policy in Canada among many others. In fact, my mentor and I still stay in touch. Keeping each other in the loop about different career opportunities and just life in general. What’s better than advancing your career and forming life-long relationships along the way.


Description of MentorNet program

Having been involved in the program since its inception (the start of the program, not the movie) I have had to explain the program many times over, and I think the description changes each year as we try and improve the program continuously. We have received a few questions about what the program is like recently and so I wanted to give you a Co-Director and founding member’s view of the program, I hope it answers some questions!


MentorNet is a unique program aimed at connecting Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) interested in global health with experts in the field. Mentors and SYPs are free to establish a program that suits them best and their program liaison will facilitate the experience. On average SYP-Mentor pairs meet monthly through Skype or in person, using the educational modules provided by their program liaison as a starting-off point or navigating their mentorship relationship on their own, the program is very flexible! We as committee members deem a successful mentorship experience as one that benefits both the Mentor and the SYP through exploring new material, obtaining a new point of view on a topic, and by giving/receiving career and life advice in global health. Many of our SYPs have benefitted in tangible ways from their mentorship experiences by co-authoring papers with their mentors, working for their mentors, or being introduced to new opportunities and networks through their mentors and many of our mentors have returned year after year, loving the unique view into global health they receive from someone just starting out in the field. Applications are available OPEN and can be filled out at for SYPs and for Mentors.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions! Looking forward to reading your applications 🙂

-Caity Jackson

NEW DEADLINE!! Application deadline Sunday, November 30th 11:59 EDT

The MentorNet application period has been EXTENDED until Sunday, November 30th, 11:59 EDT.

The Mentor application can be found at:

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In case you are new to the site, you are welcome to send questions to or below is a description of how MentorNet works:

Mentors are partnered with a SYP interested in their area of work. Pairs maintain monthly

correspondence either in person, over the phone, by email or Skype. Reading materials (i.e., news story,

academic article, online module) are provided monthly as a conversation-starter, should there be a need

for a common subject to get started on. The expected time commitment is 1-5 hours per month for a

period of a 8 months, January to August 2015.

Benefits to the students and young professionals:

  • Opportunity to create relationships with leading professionals in area of interest
  • Chance to discuss career aspirations
  • Opportunity to enhance understanding of current global health issues

Benefits to mentors:

  • Opportunity to share your passion with the next generation of globally-minded citizens
  • Opportunity to get a fresh take on current global health challenges from eager young minds
  • Chance to support and shape the next cohort of global health leaders
  • As one former mentor indicated, “This program is unlike other mentorship programs [because]

it serves as a two-way learning process.  I am participating equally and benefiting as much as the


Looking forward to seeing your applications!!


MentorNet Steering Committee


CSIH MentorNet and colleagues at the Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research (CCGHR) partnered to produce the Global Health Opportunity and Mentorship Inventory for Canadian Students & Young Professionals.

The inventory lists opportunities, relevant organizations and programs by context (national or international) and university.

Did we miss something? If you are involved in working with an organization or know of global health opportunities and would like to contribute to the list, please email or

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Link to pdf: FINAL_GHInventory

Applications open for the 2015 MentorNet year!


We are super thrilled to announce that the applications for the 2015 MentorNet are now OPEN! We coincided our application period to launch the day of the first Global Health Student and Young Professional Summit (#GHSYP14) TODAY at the University of Ottawa and the ensuing days that will be incredibly engaging thanks to the Canadian Conference on Global Health (#CCGH2014) taking place in Ottawa starting tomorrow, Sunday, November 2nd. Follow along on twitter!

We receive hundreds of applicants from Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) every year and are excited to read YOUR application! Make sure to include details and convey to us steering committee members WHY you love global health, are interested in mentorship, and feel you are right for the program. Every year we are blown away by the qualified and inspiring SYPs we are surrounded by and know this year won’t be a disappointment 🙂

Please SPREAD THE WORD to your networks and friends who you think would serve well as SYPs or Mentors and please do not hesitate to contact us at or @MentorNet_CSIH should you have any questions!

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MentorNet Steering Committee 2014-2015