I joined the CSIH MentorNet Program as a SYP in 2011-2012 with Pamela Thompson as my mentor. At the time, I was completing my Master of Science in Global Health at McMaster University. Pamela’s background in nursing and expertise in strategic planning and global health issues proved her to be an invaluable mentor. She not only provided insight on global health topics, but also during my academic studies on various topics related to global health programming, project planning and evaluation. Pamela also has extensive experience in career coaching and I benefitted from her in terms of career searching and validation. I continued my interests in global health by serving on the MentorNet Steering Committee and now as outgoing Co-Director. I have recently joined as a consultant in the Human Resources for Health Project in Bangladesh where I am training nurses in clinical supervision of nursing students, with the overarching goal of addressing maternal-child health issues in Bangladesh ( I have no doubt that my experiences with CSIH MentorNet has taken me to a global health career of my own, and am certainly grateful to have been part of such an enriching experience.

– Katia Wong, former SYP, Co-Director 2012-2014

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