SYP applications for the 2017 program are now CLOSED. 


What do we look for in a SYP application?

The Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) that we accept in our program each year come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse experiences and knowledge within the field of global health. We receive easily over a hundred applications each year, but our program can only accommodate 25-35 SYPs per year.

As you apply, please remember that this program is very competitive, and that the Steering Committee does not personally know you or what you have accomplished. In order for the committee to fully understand your knowledge and background in the field, please be specific, comprehensive and concise in your responses – for example, rather than simply stating you conducted “research work in Peru,” please provide specifics about your role and accomplishments. The Steering Committee would love to hear about the amazing things SYP candidates have done in the past, and very much appreciate the time you put into your application


What is required of mentors?

Mentors are asked to fill in a brief form to help us understand their interests and in order to match them to an interested SYP. We hope you will outline your experiences in both global health and in mentorship. We expect that as a mentor, you provide guidance, advice, and facilitate career development for your SYP during the program and hope that in turn, the SYP is able to offer you a new perspective on your field and reinvigorate your passion for global health.

We will continue to accept mentor applications until December 30th, 2016!

For more information, please read about the program here and read about our past participants’ experiences under Testimonials.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
We look forward to receiving your applications!

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